João Paulo is an invited assistant professor at UMinho and a senior researcher at INESC TEC. He obtained his Ph.D degree in 2015 and is currently leading the HASLab’s research team working on distributed storage systems and data management for HPC and Cloud Computing environments -

His research is focused on large scale distributed systems with an emphasis on storage and database systems’ scalability, performance, security and dependability. Namely, he is interested on the applicability of such research for solving complex data management challenges for Cloud Computing and HPC centers.

He has several publications on top journals and international conferences (ACM Computing Surveys, ACM Transactions on Storage, IEEE Transactions on Computers, Eurosys, Usenix FAST, CCGrid, SRDS), and has participated in the research and development of international and national projects. Namely, he currently is the coordinator of the “Efficient and Secure Data Management for HPC and Cloud Computing” CENTRA project, and coordinated the PAStor PT-UTAustin Exploratory project, the LazyFS project with Jepsen LCC and the JSA-IBM collaboration with IBM Haifa. Also, he is responsible for INESC TEC’s activities on the Compete2020 BigHPC international project and led INESCTEC’s team on the ACTPM PT-UTAustin Exploratory project. Also, he has been involved in the PASTRAMY and RED national projects, and in the FP7 CoherentPaaS and H2020 SafeCloud European projects. In the latter, he was actively involved in both technical and coordination tasks.

He has served the committee of distinct conferences on storage and distributed systems, such as CCGrid, SRDS, SYSTOR, DAIS, Usenix HotStorage.